5. Drums of War to Drums of Peace



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Written and Produced by: Cullah


everything goes my way when i want it to
everything rises above my soul

everyone wants to be my friend indeed
what i want and what i need

i look up to my love and to my peace
stay awake for a while and breathe my breath

but if it don’t matter then it matters to me!
to the edge of space and the botom of the sea

i only know where to make my home
but never when to stay and when to go

aahhhh wheres the love i know?
i want to know!

ahhh wheres the peace i know?
i want to know!

so tell me man tell me me man
tell me man tell me man please
wheres the peace on earth?
wheres the peace on earth?

why dont you get along
cummon people now
you aint the only soul
it this world yunno

whether you right or wrong
or teach a man to fish
or say i take it i’ll make it
and i can’t stop this shaking

cause we all feel low
and we all feel high
but it aint so hard
to keep on getting on by

brothers and sisters
take your hands
we aint gone give it up
gone take our stand

if this the way its gone stay
we cant keep lookin’ away
tommorrows just one more day
cummon people just say