Hi, I'm Cullah

Photo by Meghan Stark

I am a sonic biographer. I make an album every year, royalty-free and open source, on every birthday. I have 13 and counting. So far, it's 46% of my life. In 2020, we have Cullahtivation.

The role of the musician is sacred

Since I started sharing my music, I have realized music is made to bring people together. This experience is what has given me an awakening. I know now I must Cullahtivate from the lessons of the past, present, and future. I have no choice but to build and grow with you.

This time is tour time

This album I'm going for WORLD TOUR MODE and I need your help to make it happen! Please consider backing my 2020 album by purchasing a reward-tier below.




raised of a $10,000.00 goal

112 Days Left

RADish Package

- A social media thank you!


Compostable Package

- Cullahtivation MP3 Bonus edition emailed on April 27, 2020.

- Culahtivation Sage seed packet

- Sticker Package


FUNgus Package

- Signed Cullahtivation CD

- Cullahtivation Custom tea blend


SPINach Package

- Associate Producer Credit

- Signed Cullahtivation Vinyl

*vinyl to non-USA address will require additional shipping cost

Smudge Your City

- Backstage hang with me at a show near you!*

- Limited Edition Cullahtivation T-Shirt + Hat

*to the best of my ability!

Farmhand Package

- Executive Producer Credit

- Shout out in a song on Cullahtivation

- Hear last year's shoutouts in "Spectacullah Vernacullah" (at 01:50).

$100.00 All gone.

***Cyber Monday Package***

- Associate Producer Credit

- Signed Cullahtivation Vinyl

*vinyl to non-USA address will require additional shipping cost
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Here are the folks making Cullahtivation happen so far...

Executive Producers:

Navjoot Sandhar

Associate Producers:

Chassy Tauberman, Stan Janowiak, David Lamprecht, Melissa Weishaar, Michele Rosado, Phillip Emery, John Wollney, Joe Garbe, Tim DeWitt, Raymond Kampmeier, Emily Bell

Artwork by

Where does the money go?

This fundraiser will help purchase a tour van.

.....I can't fit musicians in my Camry.

If we can reach the goal, I will be able to start to play in: 

United States
East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Southwest

United Kingdom

Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands

This year is gonna be by-the-hip just like the old days. I'm cutting costs by doing almost all the engineering myself. The main goal is touring. Touring is something I have gotten too many requests for yet is one of the biggest barriers I am facing. With this fundraiser, we will get there.