5. The Forgotten Song





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Music: Cullah - "The Forgotten Song"
Under CC BY license: http://cullah.com

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Music by Cullah

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Written and Produced: Cullah

Recording Engineer: William Gardiner

Guitar/Vox: Patrick Mullen

Vox: Monica Murphy

Fiddle: Joe Wais

Upright Bass: George Ballestreros


oh, have you forgotten
our boat we did sail

the hull it rotten
and the new sun was pale blue

ohhh have you forgotten
how the fair winds blow

or how we were taught
to find solace in woe

have you forgotten me love?
have you mistakened my heart and its breaking
for the fair winds blowing
and the pale blue sun?

you must have forgotten
our time out at sea

the waves must have shook you
and your memory

i must have forgotten to remind you
don’t forget this perfect day
on our boat and out at sea
with the fair winds blowing
and the pale blue sun