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inside of my mind
is thoughts of love and peace and perfect harmony

i wait for a time that i see everything that way
everything is just a mess these days
a mess these days

outside of suburbia
life is like a constant phobia

time dont stop for no man nor beast
but can it now for a while at least
a while at least

hippies scream down with the man yet
all of them wears a frown now

if time stopped now
i would need some time to think about the poor people
ooh poor people

judges dont know
when to prosecute and when to persecute and to stop

if i was a judge this day
i would like to have this to say
heyyyyyy world

wake up now world
its your turn to turn around and take it like a man

dont turn your back on me world
i want some change about now
right now

i can see the light ahaid
its a light that glows so bright

if only we could get to
the place the light shines oh so true
oh so true you